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Dec. 1992 NPC Incorporated is established for the production and sale of vacuum packing machines.
Sep. 1994 Sale of Module Laminators for photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturing is started.
Aug. 1996 NPC America Corporation is established in New Jersey, USA.
May. 1998 Sale of automated/labor-saving machines (Cell Testers, Tabbing & Stringing Machines and Module Testers for PV module manufacturing) is started.
Jan. 2000 MECT Corporation is established in Ehime, Japan. (Current Matsuyama Factory)
Aug. 2005 ISO14001, the international standard of environmental management system, is obtained.
Jun. 2007

Company stock is listed on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

(Moved to the Growth market since April 4, 2022 due to market resutructuring of TSE) 

Aug. 2009 ISO9001, the international standard of quality management system, is obtained.
May. 2012 Business of headquarters factory is transferred to Matsuyama Factory.
Nov. 2012 Contract assembly service of PV modules is started.
Jan. 2014 Provision of inspection machines and maintenance service for solar power plants is started.
Mar. 2015 Tokyo headquarters office is relocated from Arakawa-ku to Taito-ku.
Aug. 2016 PV Techno Cycle Inc. is established as a joint venture with Hamada Co., Ltd. (Dissoluted in Jun., 2019)
Sep. 2016 Divisional system is introduced: Machinery Business Div. and Environmental Business Div. are established.
Sep. 2017 Sale of automated/labor-saving machines for various industries is started.
Oct. 2017 Sale of solar panel disassembly line is started.
Sep. 2018 NPC Korea Co., Ltd. is established in Suwon-si, Korea.
Jul. 2019 Disassembly service for solar panel recycling is started.
Apr. 2021

NPC America Automation Inc. is established.

Plant factory business is started. 

Sep. 2023 Development of organic fertilizer from byproducts of food production is started.

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