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Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

NPC Incorporated ("the Company") strives to provide timely and fair disclosure to all shareholders and investors.

Standards of Information Disclosure

The Company discloses information in compliance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and other relevant laws, as well as securities listing regulations established by the stock exchange where the Company's shares are listed. The Company promotes disclosure of other material information such as corporate strategies, not necessarily required by law or securities listing regulations.

Manners of Information Disclosure

The Company discloses information timely and appropriately through systems such as the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company also strives to provide other information through the corporate web page, which may not necessarily be required by laws and regulations.

Quiet Period

In order to prevent premature divulgence of information and to ensure fairness, the Company employs a quiet period which as a rule lasts for approximately two weeks prior to the week of an announcement of financial results. During the quiet period, the Company refrains from providing any new information related to the upcoming financial results.

Financial Report

Forecasts and estimates included in disclosed information are determined based on information and premises available at the time of disclosure; plans and figures depicting the future do not imply a commitment or guarantee of actual outcomes. Actual results and performance may differ from forecasts and estimates due to the effect of a variety of risks and uncertainties emerging subsequent to disclosure.

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