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Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

The NPC Group aims to achieve sustainable growth by becoming a company that is resilient to change.

To that end, we believe it is necessary to create an environment in which employees with diverse personalities can fully demonstrate their individual strengths and exert a positive influence on each other.

Based on this idea, we will promote diversity and inclusion and implement measures to create an environment where all employees can work comfortably, demonstrate their abilities to the maximum.

  • We strictly prohibit discrimination based on gender, nationality, work history, age, thoughts, values, etc. in recruitment activities.
  • We place the right person in the right place, taking into account the aptitude, intentions, living conditions, etc. of our employees to create an environment where each individual can play an active role.
  • We develop and improve the personnel system and work environment, with the aim of realizing appropriate work style according to each situation and to retain employees.
  • We support establishment of harmonious relationship between employees so that they can respect each other's diverse personalities.
  • We thoroughly disseminate the diversity and inclusion policy through educational activities, and build an internal system to comply with it.

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