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Company Policy, Message from The President

Company policy02

Company Policy

Message from the President

NPC Incorporated has been contributing to the dissemination of PV systems for over 25 years through provision of PV module manufacturing equipment.  Our main business also includes inspection and maintenance services for PV power plants, reuse and recycling of PV panels, and supply of PV panel disassembly equipment.

As a company in the growing PV market, our social responsibility is not only to disseminate PV systems, but also to support sustainable operation of PV power plants with our inspection and maintenance services, and to realize reuse and recycling of the precious resources contained in end-of-life PV panels.


Not only within the PV industry, we have also continuously achieved innovation though provision of automation machines for many other industries to contribute for the establishment of industrial infrastructure.

We will strive for development of our new businesses such as plant factory and new technology for waste treatment and recycling, to provide solutions for food and environmental issues.


Our external environment, such as society and economy, is changing more than ever under circumstances in which the COVID-19 pandemic is still not likely to come to an end, and the increasing impact of climate change requires urgent measures.  We will continue to grow and endeavor to be a company that is trusted and needed by every stakeholder such as employees, clients, shareholders, local society, by “responding to changes with high environmental awareness.”

message president

代表取締役社長 伊藤雅文

September, 2021           

Masafumi Ito President & CEO           

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