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Company Policy, Message from The President

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Company Policy

Message from the President

Since its establishment, NPC Incorporated has provided various manufacturing equipment mainly to PV manufacturers in Japan and overseas.


We have provided PV module manufacturing equipment for over 25 years and, utilizing our expertise accumulated through this long experience, expanded our business domain to other industries such as electronic parts, automobile, food, etc. 

We have also provided integrated products and services related to solar panels, such as inspection service, reuse and recycling, and solar panel disassembly equipment.

Notably, we focus on treatment of end-of-life solar panels and solar panel disassembly equipment as they are essential solutions for the sustainable expansion of solar power.  We are also committed to developing new businesses that contribute to solving food and environmental problems, such as plant factory business and technologies for waste treatment and recycling.


Having “monodukuri” at the heart of our business and exploring new domains that contribute to solving environmental problems, we continue to endeavor to be a company that achieves continued growth and is trusted and needed by every stakeholder.

message president

September, 2022           

Masafumi Ito President & CEO           

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