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To Shareholders and Investors

To Shareholders and Investors

Dear shareholders,


In FY2019, our business grew due to good performance of both the Machinery Business and the Environmental Business, which resulted in  increase in dividends from the previous fiscal year.  For FY2020, we expect increase in sales and profits by further expansion of our business.


Currently, we are experiencing a significant “change.”  We have been accumulating business deals in various new industries including automobile and display, through continuously expanding the technology and knowhow that we have developed in PV module manufacturing equipment, our main business.  Also in the PV industry, our business domain has expanded to the total services from production to recycling of PV modules.


We are aiming to be a company which will continue to grow steadily.  For that purpose, our business performance should not be significantly affected by changes of a specific industry or external causes.  Our aim is to be a company resilient to changes by increasing business pillars.

We appreciate your continuous support for us.


代表取締役社長 伊藤 雅文

November, 2019
Masafumi Ito President & CEO

i代表取締役社長 伊藤 雅文

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