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Vegetables from plant factory using artificial light: Hakohime


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What is a plant factory using artificial light?

Stable crop production is becoming a global challenge due to the worldwide extreme weather and natural disasters caused by climate changes.  Plant factory using artificial light is a cultivation method that is attracting attention as a

solution for the problem and for which the needs is expected to grow in the future.  NPC Incorporated launched a plant

factory using artificial light utilizing a section of Matsuyama Factory, where hydroponic vegetables are raised

with LED in a closed indoor environment.  Their cultivating conditions such as temperature, humidity, and carbon

dioxide concentration are controlled so that we can harvest steadily in a short time.  A part of the electricity for the plant factory is provided by an in-house power generation using used solar panels.

We deliver safe vegetables of stable quality, with a low environmental load throughout its production process.


Latest information available:

                 hakohime insta qr e


Product Lineups

Frilled Lettuce

         frilledlettucecirclefrilled new removed


✓ Frilled leaves

✓ Crisp and fresh texture

Green Leaf Lettuce

greenleafcirclegreenleaf new removed


✓ Goes well with any foods

✓ Large leaves with soft texture

Sunny Lettuce

(for business use only)


✓ Soft leaves with a faint redness 

✓ Adds color and taste when used in salad



Features of "Hakohime"


Stable supply, steady price

Not affected by season nor weather

✓Planned cultivation under a controlled

indoor environment




  lettuceonsite2 color

 Inside the plant




 No pestricide used during cultivation

Edible without washing

✓Closed indoor environment

✓No vermin invasion,

no need for pesticides

✓No contact with soil nor outside air

less bacteria

lettuceonsite3 color 

Inside the plant




Local Vegetables

Quickly delivered

Directly delivered from Matsuyama Factory

✓Attentive response to customers’ needs

✓Registered as an agricultural 

product of Ehime


truck02 e 

Direct delivery by Hakohime truck



Less bitter taste

Enjoyable taste for children

Easy to eat with less bitter taste




 child cut e



Hygienic, long-lasting freshness

Keep them in a refrigerator to

use by small portion 

✓Last longer with less bacteria adhered

✓Perfect for everyday lunch box


lunchbox e


Eco-friendly cultivation system

 Cultivation system with small

environmental burden

✓A part of electricity for

cultivation is generated in the factory

✓Used solar panels to reduce cost and waste

panels e 


For Business Purposes

Bulk packaging (1kg) available for business purposes.

*Please contact for packaging by other quantities



Location of the Plant Factory


Matsuyama Factory:

2889 Nishihabu-machi, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 791-8044, Japan

20 minutes from Matsuyama Central Market by car

Total floor area: 32,103㎡

Site area :         20,595㎡

The plant factory is installed on the 2nd floor of bldg. D

(Cultivation room area: 564㎡)

Production :

Approx. 2,400 pieces per day

Approx. 62,400 pieces per month

Approx. 740,000 pieces per year




factory resize

              Panorama of the factory


lettuceandpeople resized color         factory resized color

Inside the factory



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