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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

 This website and/or its mobile sites (collectively, this “Site”) is operated by NPC Incorporated and/or its agent (“NPC,” “the Company”, “we,” “us,” and “our”). Please carefully read these terms of use before using this Site and use this Site only if you agree to these terms. This Site contains links to other websites operated by NPC or other companies. Please note that you need to agree to the terms of use provided in these linked websites before using them.

You acknowledge and agree that NPC may, modify, add, or remove any portion of these Terms of Use at any time without any prior notice. The modification will be announced on this Site. Your first use after the announcement constitutes your agreement to the modified Terms of Use.


Privacy Policy

    • You may be asked to provide some personal information on the this Site.

      However, you may choose whether to provide such information of your own volition other than the minimal information necessary for receiving services.

    • NPC only contacts you using the address, telephone number, e-mail address, or other information provided.

      NPC will not provide any personal information to third parties except when law requires the provision of such information or when it becomes necessary to protect the rights and property of the Company.

    • See our Privacy Policy from herePrivacy Policy from here.


    • All information on this Site is only for the purpose of providing information to users and not for a solicitation, offer to buy or sell securities. The forward-looking statements in this Site are based on targets and forecasts do not provide any commitments or guarantees. Please note that actual results may differ from our current forecast. The descriptions on the industry, etc. are created based on information and data assumed to be reliable: however, NPC does not guarantee the correctness or completeness of the descriptions.
    • The information on this Site is provided on the premise that users use it at their own discretion and responsibility regardless of their purpose. NPC assumes no responsibility for any consequence caused by using the information.
    • Although we take every care in operating this Site, we do not guarantee that the Site will be uninterrupted, error-free, that any defects will be corrected, or that the Site and the servers are free of hazardous substances such as computer virus. Inno event shall NPC be liable for user’s use or inability to use this Site, nor any damage resulting from User’s use of this Site.


The following acts are strictly prohibited when using this Site.

    • Criminal actions, or any actions that will or may result in a criminal offence.

    • Actions that will or may jeopardize the name or credit of a third party or NPC.

    • Actions that will or may cause detriment or damage to a third party or NPC.

    • Actions that will or may violate the assets or privacy of a third party or NPC.

    • Actions that will or may use or distribute harmful programs or data, such as viruses.

    • Providing false information, such as e-mail addresses.

    • Any actions that will or may violate laws and regulations.

    • Any actions that will or may violate public order and standards of decency.

Copyright and Trademark Rights

    •  Copyright of information (including documents, materials and images) belongs to the Company, original authors or other copyright holders, and is protected by copyright law, relevant agreements and other laws of relevant countries. Copyright law prohibits the use (including reproduction, modification, displaying, distribution and reprinting on a website) beyond personal use and the scope set by the copyrights without prior permission of the right holder. If you wish to use the information, please contact us in advance to obtain permission.

    • In addition, the name of company and product as well as the logo marks used on this Site are trademarks or registered trademarks that belong to each right holder. Trademark law prohibits the use of these trademarks beyond the scope set by the law without authorization of the right holder. If you wish to use the trademarks, please contact us in advance to obtain permission.

 Browser Environment

    •  Recommended environment for viewing this Site is as follows: 

       Microsoft Edge  Google Chrome   Mozilla Firefox 

  *Please note that there is a possibility that this Site may not be correctly displayed in any environment other than the one recommended, or even in the recommended environment depending on the setting of your browsers.



    •  This Site uses the following plug-in.

      Adobe® Reader ® (version 4 and higher).

      Required for viewing or printing pdf files.


    • Adobe Reader


    •  Some pages on this Site utilize JavaScript to enhance the convenience of the users. If you have disabled JavaScript on your browser, some functions may not work correctly or may be displayed incorrectly. Please It is highly recommended that Javascript be enabled when you use this Site.


    • This Site may use cookies to enable more convenient browsing when users revisit the website.

      Cookies are packages of information sent from websites to users' browsers, and are stored in their PCs. However, any information that may identify individual users is not included among the information stored. Cookies do not have any adverse effects on the user's computer.

      The users may change their browser settings to refuse to accept cookies. Doing so will not have any adverse effect on viewing this Site. Please inquire of the company that developed your browser how to change these settings.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

    • This Site utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to protect important information such as the user's personal information when transmitting such information over the Internet. Communications between this Site’s web server and a web browser is protected by the SSL.

    •  Personal information of that is entered on this Site by the user is encrypted before being sent or received. However, the user is requested to acknowledge that security cannot be completely guaranteed due to the nature of communications via the Internet.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  • The use of this Site as well as interpretation and management of "Terms of Use" shall conform to Japanese laws unless stated otherwise. This Site can be visited from all over the world and it is impossible to prevent such visit. This Site has been created in compliance with the laws of Japan. Please refrain from using this Site if the materials contained herein or your use of it is in conflict with the laws and regulations of the region where you are located at the time of accessing this Site. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with the laws and regulations of the region where you are located.

    In addition, the Tokyo Municipal Court will be the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first trial of any conflict regarding the use of this Site.

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