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New Accounting Standard

New Accounting Standard

From the beginning of FY2022, the Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition and other related guidelines are applied.

This page shows the financial highlights after the application of the above accounting standard.

The Accounting Standard is retroactively applied to the numbers related to the FY2021, except the cash flows.

*Please see here for the financial highlights before the application of the Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition.

  • nas sales e2022     nas grossprofit e2022nas opincome e2022    nas netincome e2022

nas assets e2022 nas roaroe e2022

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(Million yen)

Sales 7,823 4,379
Gross Profit 2,138 1,526
Operating income 1,172 620
Operating income 1,151 617
Net income 778 379
Total assets 10,004 12,296
Net assets 6,986 7,110
Cash flows from operating activities 1,629 83
Cash flows from investing activities -232 -4
Cash flows from financing activities -126 -353
Cash and cash equivalents 3,326 3,084

*The data used within this site is compiled from the financial reports.

For more details, please click " Financial Report ".

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