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NPC's approach to SDGs


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Social issues and our approach

Related SDGs

Business segments

 Climate change action/Efficient use of resources/Recycling

PV module manufacturing equipment

Supply of equipment +25 years

Focus on US market

E WEB Goal 07


E WEB Goal 09

E WEB Goal 12


E WEB Goal 13


 Machinery Business

Inspection service for solar power plants

Solar power plants all over Japan

Safety and performance test

Environmental Business
Reuse of solar panels

Network with power plants

Reuse of used solar panels

Recycling of solar panels

・Supply of solar panel disassembly 

   equipment / Proprietary

   technology for future demand

・Disassembly service for solar panels     using our own disassembly machine

Plant factroy business

Stable production and supply of vegetables

E WEB Goal 02 Environmental Business
Establishment of industrial infrastructure

Social contribution with our technical strength

Supply of automation machines / innovation

Contribution to sustainable economic growth

E WEB Goal 09 Machinery Business
Climate change action/reduction of environmental footprint

Reduction of environmental footprint


In-house power generation with used solar panels


E WEB Goal 07 E WEB Goal 13

Company action
Sustainable society
Coexistance with local communities Company actions for local communities

・Ecological school for children 

・Support for local festivals and 

   non-profit organization

E WEB Goal 04 E WEB Goal 11 Company action
Comfortable and fulfilling work environment for everyone  
Ensure comfortable work environment

Reform of HR management systems

Employee educational development programs

     E WEB Goal 05 E WEB Goal 08 Company action


Approach to SDGs through our business

 E WEB Goal 02 E WEB Goal 07 E WEB Goal 09 E WEB Goal 12 E WEB Goal 13


Supply of PV module manufacturing equipment

NPC Incorporated has provided PV module manufacturing equipment in more than 50 countries and contributed to the dissemination of renewable energy for over 25 years.

Now we are focusing on providing high-end, custom-made equipment for the PV manufactures in the US, which is the second largest PV market in the world.

Click here to see more about our PV module manufacturing equipment



top img01  


Inspection service for solar power plants

We provide inspection and maintenance service to solar power plants in Japan.

This is to contribute to dissemination of solar systems by supporting safe and profitable operation of solar power plants.

Click here to see more about our inspection service.


inspection eng FY2023


IMG 3126 2




S 28884997





Reuse of PV panels

Even if dismantled due to disasters, etc., solar panels may still be reusable depending on their condition.

We send back such panels to market using our network with solar power plants established though provision of inspection service.

Click here to see more about our reuse of solar panels.


reuse eng


Recycling of solar panels

Solar panels contain metals and glass integrated in a way that they are hard to be separated for recycling.

Solar panel recycling is an urgent issue, for which research and development are in progress all over the world.


・Supply of solar panel disassembly equipment (for recycling)

For this issue, we have developed the first solution in the world called “separation method using a heated blade” .

A heated blade separates glass and metal layer, which improves recycling rate of an end-of- life solar panel.

We also developed a Semi-automated Frame & J-Box Separator which can be transported on a truck for on-site separation.

We provide various solutions for environmental issues through innovation using our accumulated experience and flexible mindset.

Click here to see more about our solar panel disassembly equipment.


Separation method using a heated blade

heatedblade eng

Separates glass and metals (cell) with a blade heated up to approximately 300℃ that melts EVA.

This method improves the recycling rate of glass and metals, which is highly evaluated in Japan and overseas.


Automated solar panel disassembly equipment using the method

disassembly eng


recycle img01

Automated solar panel disassembly line

(with the separation method using heated blade)

recycle img09

  Semi-automated frame and J-Box separator



・Disassembly service for solar panels

We provide intermediate treatment of solar panels discarded in Shikoku area with our own disassembly equipment using “separation method using heated blade”.  Solar panels from other areas are sent to partner companies for recycling and/or proper disposal.

Click here to see more about our recycling service.


 reuse img08

Intermediate treatment in Matsuyama factory


Separated parts



Stable production and supply of vegetables

Stable supply of vegetables is becoming a growing issue due to climate change.

We provide stable supply of safe vegetables that are grown in our plant factory using artificial light.

In-house power generation system using used solar panels reduces environmental footprint in the vegetable production.

Click here to see more about our plant factory business.



20210331 140937  13817056804132

Internal view of the plant factory


"Hakohime" brand lettuce


Social contribution with our technical strength

・Supply of automation machines / innovation

We provide custom-made machines that meet customers’ needs in various industries using our experience in development of automation technology.  

With our integrated production system, we develop new technologies to achieve innovation through our effort and creativity to meet the needs from each customer.

Click here to see more about our automation machines.


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Reduction of environmental footprint

sdg icon 07 ja 2 sdg icon 13 ja 2


・In-house power generation with used solar panels

In-house energy generation system using used solar panels is installed on the roof of Matsuyama factory to provide clean energy for machine production and plant factory.



Used panels installed on the roof of plant factory



Scope of registration:

- Matsuyama Factory (2889 Nishihabu-machi, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime, Japan)
Design, development, manufacture and servicing (maintenance and repair) of factory automation tools and vacuum equipment, provision of maintenance services and inspection equipment, etc. for photovoltaic power generation systems, and intermediate treatment of disposed solar panels for recycling.



Coexistance with local communities

sdg icon 04 ja 2 sdg icon 11 ja 2  


・Company actions for local communities

Since our factory was established at Matsuyama, Ehime in 2000, we have supported sustainable development of the local communities through various activities for better coexistence.

・Ecological school for children during summer vacation (hosted by Matsuyama city)

・Factory tours as an energy park of next generation in the city

・Establish friendly relations with local TV and other media

・Exhibit at Matsuyama Environment Fair

・Support for local non-profit organization

 jica02 seminor marathon jica ecokids booth




Ensure comfortable work environment

  sdg icon 05 ja 2  sdg icon 08 ja 2


・Reform of HR management systems

As we consider employees as the base of the company, we continuously review and improve our HR management system.

We provide a comfortable and fulfilling work environment through steady approaches.


・Employee educational development programs

We support technical skill improvement of employees with internal training program and financial support for obtaining technical qualifications.


・Promotion of diversity

We create an environment in which the company members respect each other’s gender, nationality, work history, age, sexual orientation, values, etc. as individual valuable personalities, and create a positive influence on each other.

All genders are entitled to take Childcare leave, and it is taken by 100% of qualified female employees.  Short hours system for childcare is also used at a high rate.

We try to offer various options in work style through other systems such as family-care leave.


・Support for club activities

We support club activities by volunteer employees for building good working relationships between them.

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