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  • We started intermediate processing of PV panels for recycling. We disassemble/separate panels without crushing glass for efficient recycling.
  • Let us handle all your needs related to PV panels. Manufacture/Inspection/Reuse/Recycle



Machinery Business

  • Automation Machines
  • PV Module Manufacturing Equipment
  • Vacuum Bonding Machine
  • VIP Sealing Machine
  • Factory Space to Rent
  • Automtion machines
  • 太陽電池製造装置
  • 枚葉式真空貼合装置
  • 真空断熱パネル封止装置
  • 工事スペース貸しサービス

Environmental Business

  • PV Panel Recycling Service
  • Buy & Sell PV Panels for Reuse
  • Disassembly Line
  • PV Panel Inspection Machine and Others
  • PV Power Plant Inspection Service  top bn hakohime e.png
  • PV Panel Recycling Service
  • Buy & Sell PV Panels for Reuse
  • 太陽光パネルのリサイクル
  • 太陽光パネルの検査装置
  • 太陽光発電所の検査サービス

Our advantage


1. High technology accumulated in PV industry and ability of applying it to new industries

We have accumulated high technology in PV industry from development and sales of PV module manufacturing equipment to panel reuse/recycling.  Now  we provide it for a variety of industries including automobiles, food, and display.

2. One-stop service for the functions necessary for manufacturing

We are able to provide all the processes of R&D, design, procurement, manufacture, quality control, sales, and maintenance by one stop.

3. More than 20 years of experiences and trust

NPC entered into the PV industry in 1994, having provided PV module manufacturing equipment for more than 20 years for PV manufacturers throughout the world.



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