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Shareholder Return

Shareholder return


Dividend policy

Basic policy

The Company strives to strengthen its financial standings and increase internal reserves for R&D and capital expenditure to be used to increase profit in a long term, and at the same time ensure a stable profit return to shareholders. 


Frequency of dividend payments and decision making body

The basic policy of the Company is to provide dividends from retained earnings once a year as year-end dividend.

The Company has also introduced interim dividends as stipulated in Article 454, paragraph (5) of the Companies Act.

The decision-making bodies for the dividends of surplus are the General Meeting of Shareholders for the year-end dividend and the Board of Directors for the interim dividend.


Use of internal reserves

Our policy is to utilize internal reserves as investment resource for capital expenditure and R&D for future increase in profit and improvement of corporate value. 


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Shareholder benefits

The Company does not implement shareholder benefit plans at present.  



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