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10/10/2008IR情報Financial results for the previous fiscal year ended August 31st, 2008. (715kb) icon pdf
10/10/2008IR情報Notice on purchase of a fixed asset. (76kb) icon pdf
08/28/2008IR情報Revision of business forecast for this fiscal year ending August, 2008 and revision of dividend for this year. (76kb) icon pdf
08/12/2008IR情報Today, on August 12th, 2008, construction works for the 4th expansion of the Matsuyama factory (the 1st phase construction of the Matsuyama factory No. 3) has been completed. The expanded part of the factory has started its operations immediately. Our production capacity has been increased with this expansion by 50%.
04/07/2008IR情報We won the award of "Equity Issuer of the Year 2007" in the contest of DealWatch Awards presented by THOMSON DealWatch.
02/06/2008IR情報NPC Inc. has signed a cooperation agreement with Ehime prefecture and Matsuyama city at the prefecture office.
01/22/2008IR情報A local start-up office to found our Singapore office was opened.

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