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Environmental Business

PV Panel Reuse/Recycling

PV panel recycling service

PV panel recycling service

We started intermediate processing of PV panels for recycling.

PV panel for reuse

Buy & Sell PV panels

We buy and sell PV panels for reuse.

Automated PV Panel Disassembly Equipment/Line

Automated PV Panel Disassembly Equipment/Line

We provide automated PV panel disassembly equipment as a standalone or a full line.


PV Power Plant Inspection Service

PV Power Plant Inspection Service

PV Power Plant Inspection Service

We provide the same level of inspections as those of PV panel manufacturers on site.

Solar Wellness

The Maintenance Network Protecting the Future of PV Power Plants"Solar Wellness"

Solar Wellness is the nationwide network connecting the maintenance companies that provide the PV panel inspection services NPC has developed.

DC Power Output Analysis Service

DC Power Output Analysis Service

We analyze the monitored data of customer’s PV power plant for its evaluation and analysis.

PV Panel Inspection Machine and Others

DC Fault Tester

DC Safety Inspection Device For PV Panels"DC Fault Tester"

DCFT identifies defect positions of PV system instantly.


Multi-functional High-speed I-V Measurement System"Rakit"

Rakit is a maintenance device to measure current and voltage characteristics string by string, to grasp PV system characteristics, abnormal data, etc.


Inspection Jig for String Inverters"N-Jig"

N-Jig improves efficiency of inspection of PV power plants using connector-type inverters.


On-site EL/PL Inspection Machine"EPTiF"

EPTiF enables checking invisible conditions of installed PV panels during daytime by EL and PL inspection without detaching panels.


PV Panel Coating"AxelClear"

The PV Panel coating has all the functions to maintain power output.


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