1. To Shareholders and Investors

Investor Relations

To Shareholders and Investors,

Dear shareholders,

In FY2018, under the company strategy of “Enhance efforts for the future leap”, we maintained the strong relationship with our main customer in the USA for PV module manufacturing equipment, which resulted in steady sales booking in the Machinery Business. We also accumulated sales in our fully launched products, automated/labor-saving machines. In the Environmental Business, we acquired business deals at a stable pace in our inspection/maintenance services mainly for large-scale PV power plants. PV panel reuse/recycling business saw a steady progress for the future development as well. Thus, we achieved increase in sales and net income attributable to owners of the parent in FY2018.

Also, with the retained earnings brought forward turning positive, we have significantly improved our financial structure. Therefore, we decided to resume distribution of dividends (JPY2 per share) for the first time in 7 years. We will continue to strive for the stable distribution of profits.

In FY2019, we aim to be a company resilient to changes through continuously promoting enhancement and enlargement of each business. In the Machinery Business, we will continue to provide equipment for our major customers steadily so that it will drive our business performance as a core business. As for automated/labor-saving machines, we will strive to have it grow as our new core business through accumulating sales in the strong needs of automatization. In the Environmental Business, we will enhance our inspection service structure to steadily obtain orders on pre-operation voluntary inspections and regular inspections. In the panel reuse/recycling, we will lead the panel recycling market through introducing the automated panel disassembly line featuring the world-only technology, looking ahead of futuristic massive quantity of discarded panels. With all these actions, we will aim to increase sales and profit this year, as well.

We will proactively grow new businesses and aim to be a stable company. We thank you for your continued supports.

November, 2018
Masafumi Ito
President & CEO