1. Laser Inspection Machine

Laser Inspection Machine
Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing

Laser Inspection Machine

Inspection of a cell

It is said that cracks in cells will cause module output degradation in the future depending on crack types.

Our Laser Inspection Machine irradiates laser beam onto a cell and visualizes the induced current for correct detection of cracks. The subjects to be tested are cells, strings, and modules (before and after lamination process).

Difficult to distinguish cracks from grain boundary  Clearly visualizes cracks only


  • Automatically detects cracks by imaging through NPC original software
  • Accurately detects cracks despite low generation area or impurities
  • No stresses onto cells/strings/modules due to applying no electric current
  • Reduces man-power and prevents misjudgments by human errors
  • Raises yield rate due to removal of defective cells/strings/modules
  • Able to sort cells or modules objectively according to existence, shapes, or number of cracks
  • Safety design complied with EN60825-01 (European standard for safety of laser products)

Product Line-up

Subjects to be inspected Cell String Module
Machines to be combined with* Cell Tester,
Tabbing & Stringing Machine
Lay-up Machine Assembly line
(processes before or after lamination)
Utilized by R&D institutes, 
Certification bodies
Cell manufacturers
System integrators

Contact us for details on combination such as other manufacturers equipment.

Combination with Cell Tester

Combination with Cell Tester

Combination with other inspections

Can be combined with other inspections, such as camera inspection, to inspect cracks, color uniformity, broken fingers, etc. at the same time.

Camera inspection specification

Inspection items: cracks, broken fingers, color uniformity
Detection level: broken finger>100μm

*Tact time: about 3 sec. (laser inspection + camera inspection)

Laser inspection + camera inspection

laser inspection + camera inspection