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Photovoltaic Panels Reuse/Recycling

If you are insterested in selling or buying used or unused PV panels, or panel recycling, contact us:


Environmental Products Sales Department
Matsuyama Factory, Japan Tel: +81 89 946 6605
Tokyo Headquarters, Japan Tel: +81 3 5817 8830

Tackling the Problem of Massive Amount of Discarded PV Panels

While installation of PV systems has increased nationwide, it is expected that a massive amount of end-of-life panels are discarded in the future. The recycling scheme of PV panels, however, is yet to be established. Currently, PV panels are just crushed as general industrial wastes, leaving valuables such as silver and copper uncollected. PV panels should be treated carefully as they may cause electric shock. Awareness of such risk, however, is still very low.

current situation of discarded panels and our recycling method

Under such circumstances, the Ministry of Intermal Affairs and Communications instructed the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to consider establishing PV panel recycling system, in September 2017. NPC has continued R&D of PV panels recycling technology since 2014, selected for a NEDO project. In November 2017, it started panel recycling intermediate treatment by operating the equipment line, where aluminum frames are automatically removed and glass is collected without being crushed at its Tokyo recycling center.

Collecting PV Panels - Flow of Reuse and Recycling

flow of collection to recycling
NPC is able to evaluate each panel performance appropriately by conducting panel inspection using our unique I-V and EL inspections at the PV plant or the warehouse. We sort out panels suitable for reuse and those for recycling.

About PV Techno Cycle Inc.

PV Techno Cycle Inc. is a joint venture between NPC and Hamada (HQ: Osaka, Japan) specialized in PV panel reuse and recycling.

Reuse of PV Panels

We buy panels suitable for reuse. Please contact us if you would like to sell unused, removed or unnecessary panels. Prices will change depending on the panel conditions, necessity of dismounting work, etc. Our sales staff will answer your questions on more details.

Recycling PV Panels

PV Techno Cycle offers intermediate recycling treatment of panels that are not suitable for reuse. They collect glass of PV panels without crushing, using "separation method using heated blade," our world-only technology. The remaining materials including cells and EVA are collected in a sheet shape, which enhances collection of valuables. Please contact us if you have unnecessary panels.

PV Techno Cycle/KELC   disassembly line
[Disassembly process of PV panels]
disassembly process
collecting metal (aluminum)   collecting metals (cells/tabs)   collecting glass
collecting glass   collecting metals (cells/tabs)   collecting glass in a sheet shape

Sales of Reuse Panels and Recycled Panels

  • Reuse panels: 31,783
  • Recycled panels: 14,900
    (as of Nov/E 2018)

Selected for a NEDO Development Project

NPC was selected with cooperating companies for the PV Recycling Technology Development Project in 2014 and 2015 consecutively. Our research result was published on the guidelines for promoting PV system recycling by the Ministry of Environent in 2016 as a reference of recycling.
[ NEDO projects ]
Year/project name R&D theme Selected company
FY2015 - 2018
"PV Recycling Technology Development Project"
Development of technology for complete recycling of glass and metals using heated blade separation method
  • Hamada
  • NPC
"PV Recycling Technology Development Project"
Development of technology to collect resources from used PV panels by solubilizing method
  • NPC
  • National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
  • Nihon Superior


Environmental Products Sales Department
Matsuyama Factory, Japan Tel: +81 89 946 6605
Tokyo Headquarters, Japan Tel: +81 3 5817 8830