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PV Module Manufacturing Equipment

We have been developing various technologies such as adapting to new materials or advanced module structures for higher efficiency, improving  throughput, and laminating technology for large modules. We propose the best equipment or assembly line according to each customer's needs. We also support customers acquiring various certificates for starting operation of module assembly lines.

Cell Tester

Hight-speed Cell Taster

High-speed Cell Tester

Artificial sunlight

Artificial sunlight

Classifies cells according to power output measured with solar simulator.

  • Our original measurement/analysis software incorporated
  • High productivity through high-speed cell transfer and measurement technology
  • Applicable to various types of cells including highly efficient cells and back-contact cells
  • Micro crack inspection by EL or laser (option)
  • Lined paper supplying unit (option)

Tabbing & Stringing Machine

Double-head tabbing & Stringing Machine

Double-head Tabbing & Stringing Machine



Alignment inspection

Alignment inspection

Series-connect cells by soldering wirings onto cells to form "strings"

  • Applicable to various types of cells including thinner cells, back-contact cells and highly efficient cells
  • Heating by hot air, IR, etc.
  • Applicable to conductive tape, film, paste
  • Applicable to cut cells, shingling cells

Layup Machine


Automated Layup Machine (multi-axis robot)

img03 s1

Multi-axis robot


String inspection

Alternately supplies “strings” on stacked tempered glass and EVA

  • Customization from partial to full-automation depending on customers' needs
  • String inspection (length, tab existence, gap between cells, etc.) (option)

Module Laminator

SLM series

For manufacturing line

LM series(for R&D)

For R&D

Supporting Device pin

Supporting Device Pin

Laminates the materials by heating and pressing under vacuum

  • Our original Supporting Device Pin system for uniform heating 
  • Completely encapsulated heaters
  • Highly uniform temperature distribution by fine control of temperature of heating plate
  • Multi-step type available
  • Applicable to glass-glass, flexible modules

Module Tester

Module Tester

Module Tester

Performs final test of PV modules

  • Measures each module's output and physical properties by solar simulator
  • Our original measurement software
  • Fully-automated module handling available to meet the needs of customers

Laser Inspection Machine

Module Laser Inspection Machine

Module Laser Inspection Machine

String Laser Inspection Machine

String Laser Inspection Machine

Cell Laser Inspection Machine

Cell Laser Inspection Machine

Conventional inspection method

Conventional inspection method

NPC original laser inspection method

NPC original laser inspection method

Detects cracks in the cells/strings/modules accurately by irradiating laser beam

  • Detects only the cracked areas by distinguishing low power generating area, impurity and cracks
  • Visualizes defective areas clearly through our own software
  • Raises product yield by preventing any misjudgments caused by human errors
  • Innovative technology adopted as SEMI PV60-0115 standard (Test Method for Measurement of Cracks in Photovoltaic (PV) Silicon Wafers in PV Modules by Laser Scanning Method)
  • No need to apply electric current onto cells/strings/modules
  • Raises quality reliability of final products
  • Applicable to cells, strings, and modules
  • Complies with EN60825-01, safety standard of laser light

Other Machines

e.g) Automated Sheet Feeding Machine (EVA/back sheet)

e.g) Automated Sheet Feeding Machine
(EVA/back sheet)

Offer various machines used in full-scale module assembly line

  • EL Inspection Machine
  • Sheet Feeding Machine
  • Automated Framing Machine
  • Automated Trimming Machine
  • Potting Machine
  • J-Box Fixing Machine
  • Bussing Machine


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