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Vacuum Bonding Machine

Bonds curved work without bubbles

Vacuum Bonding Machine

This machine bonds adhesive films, etc. onto LCD panels or touch screens. Bonding under vacuum condition prevents bubbles and no process afterwards is required such as auto clave. It provides high reliability, utilizing the technology of a vacuum laminator, one of the major products of NPC, which has more than 20 years of experience in PV module manufacturing equipment. This machine realizes the uniform bonding of curved surface by pressing with a diaphragm sheet. Heating mechanism is incorporated for your application.

Exhibited at 28th Finetech Japan (Dec. 2018)


  • LCD touch screen
  • LCD panel lamination
  • Organic EL display
  • Smart phones
  • Automotive parts


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Minimum size of heating plate (W) x (H) 200 mm x 200 mm
Maximum size of heating plate (W) x (H) 2,400 mm x 5,500 mm
Temperature setting up to 200℃
Degree of vacuum 133 Pa within 1 minute (Max 1Pa)
Pressing 0 - 0.5 MPa
Clean room class 10,000
Work shape flat, 3D (curved)

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