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VIP Sealing Machine

Dear customers

As of March 1, 2016, maintenance service and machinery parts are provided by Seal Eight Co., Ltd. (HQ: Osaka) as to F/FN, KZ, KX series and all the other vacuum packing machines mainly used for foods.
We continue to provide KT series (VIP Sealing Machine) and other special-purpose vacuum packing machines. If you have any inquiries or questions on these two types, please contact us. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

VIP Sealing Machine

真空断熱パネル封止装置 This machine realizes vacuum packing under high vacuum range (1Pa), so it is suitable for packing of vacuum insulation panels using urethane, glass wool, etc. We offer a wide range of models from compact type for R&D to large multi-stage type for mass production to meet each customer’s requirement.

What is a Vacuum Insulation Panel?

The vacuum insulation panel (VIP) is under the spot light due to its high heat insulation property. This material is already applied to energy saving refrigerators and vending machines, helping to reduce environmental load. Moreover, research on using the material for buildings is progressing. We believe the material has a high potential as an environment-related material in the near future.

  • Thin and light
  • Flexible
  • High heat insulation property

Other Special-purpose Vacuum Packing Machines

Special-purpose machines are designed for various needs such as packing that requires clean-room environment for wafers, substrates, and electronic components, packing powder or large items.
We offer a wide range of products which meet various needs of our customers.

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