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“N-Jig” Inspection Jig for String Inverters

Solar Panel Inspection Machine

Improves efficiency of inspection of solar power plants using connector-type inverters


N-jig is an inspection jig to significantly improve the efficiency of inspection/maintenance of solar power plants using connector-type inverters, such as SMA, Delta Electronics, and Huawei.  N-jig maintains the connection between connectors  of an inverter and probes of a tracer, so that work efficiency and safety will greatly improve.

  • I-V inspection (measurement with “Rakit”)
  • Safety inspections (measurement with “DCFT”)


Handling connectors and probes at the same time
Inconvenient operation of an I-V curve tracer
Unstable connection increases danger



Always connects connectors and probes
Both hands free allowing work and increasing efficiency
Safety secured


For 1 strings

For 1 string

For 2 strings

For 2 strings

Connector typeNumber of strings to be measured
MC41 string2 strings
Phoenix Contact type1 string2 strings

※ Applicable to various connector shapes including MC4, H4, PV-CF-S

※ Customization available for the number of strings to be measured at a time

※ Genuine connectors only, not third-party make

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