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DC Power Output Analysis Service

Solar Power Plant Inspection Service

We will detect decrease in power output of a customer’s solar power plant caused by trouble of the panels or other system components quickly, by analyzing the monitored data.

Monitoring systems are widely used for operating and management of solar power plants to check the changes in AC power output, which varies according to the weather and temperature. However, it is very difficult to identify the cause of the decline of power output.

Monitoring system

Monitoring system

Possible causes

Possible causes

We focused on this problem and developed the engine to analyze DC power output, that is, output of solar panels. This engine incorporates highly accurate filtering function so that unnecessary dispersion caused by drastic change of weather or temperature will be deleted. By extracting the data only proportional to the irradiance, the engine analyzes the cause of power decline and provides easy-to-understand reports.

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This service helps you understand whether on-site inspections are necessary or not.


  • Prevents loss of power to sell
  • Detects troubles of solar system by evaluating PR where data of drastic weather changes are deleted
  • Reduces cost on inspections
  • Checks performance of solar systems at annual inspection/completion inspection
  • Helps understand maintenance timing
  • Predicts degradation by aging

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