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Solar Panel Recycling Service

We provide intermediate treatment service to recycle discarded solar panels. At Matsuyama Factory in Ehime, Japan, an automatic solar panel disassembly line is installed. The line separates glass from other materials without crushing, applying the “separation method using heated blade,” our own technology. Recycling of glass becomes difficult when metals mix with it, however our original method enables an efficient recycling as no metals exist on the separated glass.  The separated materials are handed over to the recycling companies, and we are putting maximum efforts to recycle discarded panels.


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Respective equipment and disassembly process

In discarding solar panels, proper processing is required, as they include toxic materials like lead.

What is the separation method using a heated blade?


In this method, a blade heated to 300℃ melts EVA layer to separate glass from other materials.
We have achieved the total recycling of glass and metals by utilizing our knowledge and technology accumulated through the development, manufacture and sales of PV module manufacturing equipment.  This method is highly evaluated as an effective and economical processing method in the industry.

Cycle time

60 seconds

Panels to be processed

Crystalline panels with back sheet

Panel size

Minimum:800 x 800 mm
Maximum:1,090 x 2,100 mm

“Screening Committee Special Award” of the 47th Japan Industrial Technology Award

“Encouragement Award” of the FY2019 Awards for Resources Recirculation Technologies and Systems





J-Box Separator


Frame Separator


Glass Separator

Establishing the structure for proper recycling of solar panels


We have been striving to establish the structure for proper recycling of solar panels. Through the structure, we will aim at creating a circular society of solar power generation.


Companies that have installed NPC's disassembly equipment

NPC Incorporated

HAMADA Co., Ltd.


SEINAN Corporation

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