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Buy & Sell PV Panels for Reuse

Buy and sell PV panels for reuse

We buy and sell reuse panels. If you want to dispose of unused panels in a warehouse, dismantled panels from PV power plants or unnecessary panels, feel free to contact us.


Sales of PV panels for reuse

Reuse PV panels sold (as of February 2020): 74,530 pcs


We have sold 74,530 reuse PV panels so far*.  Markets of reuse panels have been expanding globally.  Cost-effective reuse panels having excellent quality are expected to be utilized in unelectrified areas or remote areas in various countries as mini grid and micro grid components. 


* Including panels sold by PV Techno Cycle, a JV closed down in June, 2019.


On-site inspection of PV panels

When we buy PV panels for reuse, we always perform visual inspection.  We can also provide various performance tests/inspections on site.  Contact us if you want panels inspected before buying.


  • I-V inspection
  • EL inspection
  • Impedance inspection
  • IR inspection with drones

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