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Buy & Sell PV Panels for Reuse

We buy and sell pre-owned PV panels for reuse. If you wish to dispose of unused panels sitting in a warehouse, dismantled panels from PV power plants or unnecessary panels, feel free to contact us.

Sales record of pre-owned PV panels

Total: 84,884*panels traded                         * As of January 31, 2021

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We have bought/sold 84,884 pre-owned PV panels for reuse so far*.  Markets of reuse panels have been expanding globally and it’s demand is increasing.  Cost-effective reuse panels having excellent quality are expected to be utilized in unelectrified areas or remote areas in various countries as mini grid and micro grid components. 

* Including panels sold by PV Techno Cycle, a JV closed down in June, 2019.

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On-site inspection of PV panels

When we purchase pre-owned PV panels for reuse, we always perform visual inspection.  In addition, in response to customer requests towards detailed quality inspection before purchasing, we can also perform various performance inspections utilizing our abundant on-site inspection experience.

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  • I-V inspection
  • EL inspection
  • Impedance inspection
  • IR inspection with drones

When it is determined to be difficult to sell the panels for reuse due to quality aspects, we can implement intermediate treatment service for recycling. For details, please refer to the “PV Panel Recycling Service" page.

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