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Inspection and Maintenance Service of PV Panels

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Generally, life-span of a PV panel is said to be more than 20 years, however, it is very difficult to determine generating performance after installation because of continuously changing power output depending on the irradiance or temperature conditions. PV panels are industrial products: there have been faults and troubles reported due to initial defects, degradation by aging, or other causes. Proper inspection and maintenance are essential to keep the long-term power output after installation.

NPC provides effective inspection and maintenance service for installed PV panels, utilizing our experience and achievement in PV industry so far. “Rakit,” the multi-functional high-speed I-V measurement system, measures up to 4 strings at a time. “EPTiF,” the on-sight EL/PL inspection machine, visualizes the conditions inside PV panels. Using these highly-advanced inspection machines, we provide analysis report full of useful information.

More information on on-site EL/PL inspection machine "EPTiF"

More information on multi-functional high-speed I-V measurement system "Rakit"

NPC Original Maintenance Service Plans

Maintenance Plan
Plan A
I-V+EL inspection
Plan B
I-V inspection
Plan C
EL inspection
1) I-V characteristics measurement
by Rakit

(all strings)

(all strings)
2) On-site EL image inspection
by EPTiF

(where possible defects are found by I-V analysis)

(all panels)
3) Analysis report
(NPC original)

(I-V and EL analysis report)

(I-V analysis report)

(EL analysis report)

NOTE) Plans above are just some examples. We provide customized plan according to your request, budget, etc.
Also, defects inspections using thermography and disconnection detection are available at your request.

Maintenance Service Flow (Plan A)

Detects strings with possible defects by NPC original highly accurate I-V analysis method using Rakit

EL imaging of strings (panels) using EPTiF, inspection machine only NPC can provide

PV professionals provide analysis report. Easy-to-understand documents including statistics & analysis of I-V curve to analysis of panels with possible defects


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